In other circumstances - Instagram-Doku
work in progress 2019
In anderen Umständen (still) © Anne Scheschonk

If the circumstances in society were different, the mother with learning difficulties in the neighbourhood would be a familiar picture. However, starting a family and raising a child is still more likely to be agreed than supported by people with learning difficulties. Even ten years after the so-called Inclusion Act came into force, parenthood is still a taboo in Germany.

In " In other circumstances" twelve women and men with learning difficulties talk about their experiences with regard to their desire to have children and about the reactions from their environment. The project wants to make the mother and father with learning difficulties visible in society. Their desire for self-determination and the other circumstances necessary for this in the Society gets a face and an active voice.

The project consists of publications on Instagram and its own website: Each Protagonist will get three posts on Instagram. In them they tell us about their experience, but also their wishes and demands on society. On the website the video statements of the twelve protagonists are the entrances to longer videos with Interviews and everyday observations.

The development of the prototype of the project took place during the werkleitz Professional Media Master Class 2018/2019.