Night Time Utopia
DE 2019
Night Time Utopia (still) © Cora Czarnecki

A group of friends with extraordinary powers is running a free night-shop, based on presents and necessities. As buildings and people start to mysteriously disappear in their town, they have to care for their community while trying to unite with the inhabitants of their neighbourhood. But how to cooperate with those who don't think like you? By joining forces, will they solve the mystery behind the apparent collapse of their world?

„Night Time Utopia“ is a transnational web serie and website. The story is rooted in the experiances of colective living and comunity organizing of the two authors, Cora Czarnecki and Julie Carvalho. It plays with elements from different genres such as Sci-Fi, Mystery and Fantasy. Night Time Utopia“ is an invitation to play and to take ones need for utopia serious.

The development of the prototype of the project took place during the werkleitz Professional Media Master Class 2018/2019.